Public Holidays

What are the Public Holidays in Dominica?

  2019 Public Holidays
Calendar Dates Day Holiday
January 1st Tuesday New Year’s
March 4th Monday Carnival Monday
March 5th Tuesday Carnival Tuesday
April 19th Friday Good Friday
April 22nd Monday Easter Monday
May 1st Monday Labour Day (May Day)
May 4th, 11th 25th Saturdays Hike Fest
May 3rd- 5th Sunday Jazz ‘n Creole at Cabrits
June 10th Monday Whit Monday
August 5th Monday August Monday (Emancipation Day)
October 25th, 26th, 27th Friday, Saturday, Sunday World Creole Music Festival
November 4th Monday National Day – Independence Day
November 5th Tuesday National Day of Community Service
December 25th Wednesday Christmas Day
December 26th Thursday Boxing Day

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