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Safe Haven Real Estate has been providing Caribbean Real Estate Services in Dominica since 1999. What sets us apart from other Real Estate agents in Dominica?

CommentsWe are very pleased with the property we purchased in Dominica.  Safe Haven was key to our satisfaction with the acquisition process.  Everyone associated with Safe Haven was knowledgeable and professional and Safe Haven assisted us every step of the way."

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Land for Sale - Lovely Hillside Lot in Northwest
Land in Thibaud
Tranquil Lot in the Countryside
Residential Lot in Grand Fond
Small Lot at Castle Comfort
8,324 sq.ft. in Beau Bois

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There are several benefits of buying land or property in the Commonwealth of Dominica:

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Checkhall, Roseau North Dominica
Bellevue Chopin, Southeast Dominica
Grand Fond, East, Dominica - CHEAP LAND
Laudat, Roseau Valley Dominica - House Lot


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September 26, 2014
Dominica celebrates World Rivers Dayon 28th September 2014

September 19, 2014
US promising more Aid to Caribbean to help reduce Impact of climate change

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