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Dominica and Concessions

Many people ask us about concessions also known as Fiscal Incentives. The first point of call should be the Invest Dominica Authority.Here you will be able to obtain your concession forms.

If you are interested in tourist accommodation you should also meet with the Invest Dominica Authority.This is to ensure that your proposal meets their minimum standards. For example to obtain concessions for tourist accommodation you must build a minimum of five units.

Whilst there is no minimum investment to obtain concessions the Authority will want to see something of value.

The sectors that the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica is encouraging at the present time are:
• Film and Entertainment
• Bulk Water Export
• International Business
• ICT (Internet Communication Technology)
• Health and Wellness
• Agribusiness
• Bio Parks
• Manufacturing
• Upmarket accommodation
• Education


After discussing your proposal with the relevant authorities you will need to do the following:-

i) Establish your business and register it with the Inland Revenue Division.

2) Purchase your land

3) Submit application form with relevant documentation. It will be reviewed by Invest Dominica Authority.

A committee of the Invest Dominica Authority will review your application . This Committee has the authority to approve a project up to the value of the 2 million so that decisions can be taken quickly. Above this figure the matter will have to go to Cabinet.

For more information contact:
Invest Dominica Authority
Tel: 1-767-448-2045

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