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I am the Administrator/Executor of an Estate but my name is not on any of the Title Deeds. Do I have to Transfer any Property into my name to sell it

NO you can transfer /sell without registering any property forming part of the Estate into your name.

You will pay what are called Transmission Fees which are as follows:

  • Stamp Duty EC$7.50
  • 1% Assurance Fund
  • 1% Judicial Fees

These Fees are calculated on the Valuation obtained for Probate /Letters of Administration and are in addition to the 2.5% Vendors stamp duty which will be calculated on the market value of the property at the time of Sale.




Accommodation Booking Service

Nature Island Destinations
Morne La Coit, Salisbury
Tel: 449-6233
Email: nid@cwdom.dm
island-wide accommodation and other services for stay-over visitors to Dominica


Fort Young Hotel
Victoria Street, Roseau
Tel: 448-5000
Fax: 448-5006
Email: sales@fortyounghotel.com



Aging Gracefully in Dominica by Dr. Boaz

Is the 'land of many rivers' also the 'land of longevity'?
Why is it that people in Dominica seem to grow old more gracefully and live longer than people elsewhere?

Diet and lifestyle are clearly all-important but are there other factors at work here too: quality of life perhaps, the support of families, something in the genes even?

Dominica boasts a remarkable concentration of very old people in good health and they've begun to arouse the interest of medical science.

In recent years the best hotel in Roseau, Dominica's capital, has found itself hosting some rather unusual celebrations: birthday parties, often organised by a vast extended family, for yet another of the country's citizens reaching the age of 100.

A century and still batting

Violet Wilfreda Joseph had her 100th birthday party 8 years ago. She was born in the last year of the 19th century when British colonial rule in Dominica had another 79 years to run.

So how does it feel to wake up in the morning knowing you're 108 years old?

"Glad to see the day", she told me, without a moment's hesitation.

Her mobility is restricted but she has good eyesight and hearing, an astonishingly unwrinkled face and still lives in her own modest wooden home in the centre of Roseau.

Could she give me any clues as to how she's lived so long?

Elderly Dominicans credit a diet rich in food and vegetables for their longevity.

For years she's started the day with a glass of coconut water, a drop of gin and a banana, though since her 100th birthday her family has persuaded her to drop the gin.

Fish is her favourite form of protein, especially fish heads ("I like sucking the bones", she told me) and she's always enjoyed Dominica's rich diversity of tropical fruit and vegetables.

And another important clue perhaps, she shares her home with three generations of her extended family, including several children.

They always give her a kiss before they go to school. "They keep me young", she said.

According to the Dominica Council on Aging, a charity which keeps records of the centenarians, there are currently 22 on the island in a total population of around 65,000.

That's 3 times the average incidence of centenarians as in developed countries such as Britain and the United.

And these figures are supported with written documents; birth certificates from the British colonial era alongside (mostly Catholic) baptismal records.

Dr Noel Boaz, an American professor of anatomy at the Ross Medical School in Dominica, has been researching the centenarians for the past 6 years.

Diet and lifestyle

His findings so far suggest that the key to their longevity is diet and lifestyle, not genetics.

Dominica is a mountainous island with its interior cloaked in dense rainforest. Roads were few until well into the 1960s, so when today's elderly were young long distance walking on rough terrain was a necessity of everyday life, along with hard physical work.

And their diet would have included natural products from the forest, herbs and herbal medicines, as well as that rich diversity of cultivated fruit and vegetables, almost all of it grown in their own gardens.

102 year old Rudolph Edward Georges is living proof of the benefits.

When I went to visit him one sticky tropical evening I found him lying not in but on his bed in vest and shorts. He sat up to greet me, and then came the real surprise: his handshake. I hadn't expected such strength from a 102 year old man.

For fruit and vegetables, he told me, "everything I planted I ate and everything I ate I planted".

He also produced his own cocoa, had his own chickens, goats and a cow and did the work on his smallholding after the long trek back from his job on a tobacco plantation.

His Sunday special, as he called it, was a glass of strong beer mixed with milk, eggs and sugar, plus a dash of lime and nutmeg.

Unusually among Dominica's centenarians, he smoked like a chimney (his words) until he was seventy. But it can't have had much impact on his fitness - once when his family hid his cigarettes he walked 13 kilometres to get some more.

His ten children, who are all still alive, range in age from 82 to 40, and when he was 98 Mr Georges travelled alone to England to visit one of his sons.

...but will it last?

It's hard not to feel a surge of optimism in the presence of such people, but the story of Dominica's remarkable centenarians may not have an entirely happy ending.

Dr Boaz doesn't think the phenomenon will last more than another decade or so because the lifestyle of younger Dominicans is changing.

Two American-style fast-food restaurants have recently opened in Roseau. There are TVs in even the poorest households, car ownership has risen to one in four of the population and toiling on the land is a last choice job for the young.

The era the centenarians lived through where they benefited from modernity in the form of better medical care and improved public health, while living a pre-modern lifestyle is coming to an end.

The memories had come tumbling out in the hour I spent with Mr Georges and I heard later that he'd said of our meeting: "I appreciated that, because what I had forgotten I remember now."

I too had deeply appreciated meeting him because of the glimpse he'd given me of a way of life poor in the trappings of modernity but rich in wellbeing and human potential.

Article by Noel T. Boaz, Ph.D., M.D.,
Professor of Anatomy at Ross University School of Medicine, Portsmouth, Dominica
Founder and President of the Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine in Ashland, Oregon.



Alcohol & Fine Rums

Belfast Estate Ltd
P.O. Box 21
Tel: 449-1230/448-2340 | Fax: 448-6007
Email: stlsales@cwdom.dm



An Introduction to Dominica

The Prime Minister of Dominica is Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit. The Attorney General is Mr. Levi Peters. Honourable Robert Tonge is Minister of Tourism and Urban Renewal. For more information visit the Government website. Dominica introduced Value Added Tax on 1st March 2006.



Architects Design Build

Tropical Lifestyle Construction
14 Church Street, Roseau
Tel: 235-2282
Email: tropicallifestyle.construction@gmail.com

Lyn Giraud
Tel: 448-3300

Agar & Johnston
Tel: 235-2282
Email: agarm@cwdom.dm

Dexter Francis
Tel: 448-8782

Eugene Royer
30 Federation Drive
Tel: 448-8600



Are there Death Duties?

Your loved ones will not be burdened by death duties or capital gains tax in Dominica.



As a foreigner what fees do I have to pay?

Foreigners pay a total of 20.5% this includes 10.5% transfer fees and 10% alien land holding license. If you are not a Dominican or from any of the OECS states the 10% alien land holding license fee must be paid. However if someone buys land for up to an acre for residential purposes in addition to paying for the license one must also apply for the license. This is a process. If up to 3 acres of land is purchased for business purposes the license must also be applied for in addition to paying for the fees.




64 Hillsborough Street
Tel: 255-2300
Fax 448-3982
Email: customersupport@nbd.dm

National Bank of Dominica

Scotia Bank
28 Hillsborough Street, Roseau
Fax: 448-5805
Email: bns.dominica@scotiabank.com




Banks are generally open 8 a.m to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday and until 4.p.m on Fridays.

Bank of Nova Scotia
Tel (767) 448 5800
28 Hillsborough Street, Roseau

First Caribbean Bank
Tel (767) 448 2571
Old Street, Roseau

National Bank of Dominica
Tel (767) 255 2300 (switchboard number)
64 Hillsborough Street (general banking)
ATM facilities (local card).>

Canefield Branch: Open 9.a.m. to 5 p.m
Portsmouth Branch: ATM facilities

Royal Bank of Canada
Tel (767) 448 2771
Bay Front, Roseau

ATM & Cirrus links.


To open a Bank Account most banks require the following:

1) Copy of birth certificate
2) Proof of Address
3) ID
4) Bank reference. If this cannot be obtained, at least try to get a statement stating how long you have been with the bank and that the account is in order.
5) If you have a Residence Permit, a copy of the permit is required.



Builders & Construction Services

Fagan Construction
Tel: 276-8888

Matthew Burton
P.O. Box 360, Roseau
Tel: 448-3113
Email: matthewp80@hotmail.com

Lex Jervier JKR Bros Construction and Associates
P.O. Box 0737
Tel: 448 3638 or 316-5340 / 245-5079
Email: jervierl@yahoo.com

Constructions Services
Civil/structural engineering design and construction project management /property advisory building inspections surveys.
Tel: 235-4436 or 448-2896 or 448-4436
Email: larobecreole@cwdom.dm

Abacus Inc.
PO Box 2048 Suite 3, 15 Kennedy Avenue, Roseau
Tel: 277-9704, 275-9704 or 615-1662
Email: info@abacusinc.com



Building & Renovation Supplies

Rudolph Thomas & Family Ltd.
1240 Bay Street, Portsmouth
Tel: 445-5181 | Fax: 445-55863
Email: thomasr@cwdom.dm

Ulttima Plus (Harris Paints)
Tel: 448-3000
Web: www.ulttimaplus.com or www.championsofcolour.com



Buying Real Estate in Dominica

Safe Haven can help you with all your Real Estate needs:

  • We sell and let properties.                 
  • We can apply for alien land holding licence if required.                 
  • There is no capital gains tax in Dominica.                 
  • We have an in-house lawyer.               



Can a foreigner apply for a loan?

Yes. BNS and NBD offer loans to non nationals. The requirements for BNS are as follows: income tax returns for the past two years, two reference letters, job letter, credit bureau cheques, 30% cash down payment (if it is a house) 50% cash down payment (if it is land), 10% cash held on savings account for overruns, this must be a vacation home; not for rental purpose. The requirements for NBD are: proof of address, photo ID, proof of income, job letter and audited financial statement for up to six months to a year.



Can anyone buy land?

Yes anyone can own land in Dominica providing all the respective fees are paid for.



Can we travel with our pet cats and/or dogs?

Yes, as long as all the proper paper work is done and most importantly all the relevant tests for the animal.



Carpet Supply

Bethelmie's Carpet Supply
8 Steber Street, Pottersville
Tel:440-4234 | Fax:440-4239
Email: bethelmiecarpet@hotmail.com



Chartered Accountants

KPB Chartered Accountants
Independence Street
Tel: 448-2511 | Fax:448-5201
Email: kpbdm@cwdom.dm
Web: www.kpbcharteredaccountants.com



Concessions also known as Fiscal Incentives

The Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica offers concessions in respect of certain areas of development.

For more information, see our Concessions article.

To see what concessions are available and how to apply for them visit Invest Dominica



Customs Duties & Procedures

For information about customs duties and procedure visit Dominica Customs & Excise Division




Dominica was officially ranked as the top sustainable island in the Caribbean and amongst the top ten in the world when National Geographic's Centre for Sustainable Destinations surveyed conditions on 111 selected islands and archipelagos which survey appears in the November/December issue  of National Geographic Traveller.

The criteria used  to reach this conclusion were

  • Environmental and ecological quality
  • Social and cultural integrity
  • Conditions of historic buildings and archeological sites
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Quality of tourism management
  • Outlook for the future.

With a score of 77 Dominica tied as the  number one rated sustainable destination in the Caribbean . Dominica is known for its beautiful Morne Trois Piton National Park which is a World Heritage site and its Boiling Lake which is the second largest in the world.



Economic Citizenship

It is possible to obtain a second passport through the Economic Citizenship Programme. Persons who obtain citizenship through this route have exactly the same rights and responsibilities as someone who is a citizen by birth. For more information visit our Citizenship page.




Burton & Co Ltd
8 Castle Street
Tel: 448-2815 | Fax: 448-5905
Email: burtonco@cwdom.dm




Consulting Engineers Partnership Ltd.
Old Street, PO Box 117, Roseau
Tel: 448-3208
Email: concept@cwdom.dm

Jars Sales & Services Co Ltd
17 Kennedy Avenue (Attic), Roseau
Tel: 449-9865
Email: info@jarssales.com

Ace Engineering Ltd
Engineers, Developers and Construction Specialists
18 Bath Road, Roseau
Tel: 448-3875
Email: info@ace-engineering-ltd.com



Exchange Rates

Cash: US $1.00 = EC $2.67

Wire transfer, bank draft or cheque:
US$ 1.00 = EC $2.6882



Have you thought of investing in Dominica?

Prices of property are very reasonable compared to other parts of the Caribbean. Dominica is an unspoilt, lush tropical Island with rainforests, rivers and waterfalls. Most importantly there is:

  • No death duties
  • No estate tax
  • No capital gains tax



Hot Water Systems

L.A Dupigny & Co Ltd
6 Long Lane
Tel: 448-2310 | Fax: 448-5905
Email: ladupigny@cwdom.dm



How large is Dominica?

Dominica is 288 sq miles. The island is 29 miles long and 16 miles wide.



How much will it cost to rent a house?

Depending on the location you choose you can expect to pay from US$370 and up.



Importation of Cars

Definitions of terms used

Customs Value is freight plus the value of the vehicle.

Import Duty
is 40% of the customs value plus an environmental levy of EC$3,00.00 if the car is 5 or more years old, otherwise for the EC$3,000 substitute 1% of the customs value.

Customs Service Charge is 3% of the customs value.

You Pay

Excise tax which is 28% of the customs value plus the import duty plus the customs service charge and;

Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% on customs value plus import duty plus the customs service charge plus the excise tax.

For More Information
We recommend you contact the Port Authority at (767) 448-2401 for further information. Mr. Michael White is very helpful.

Please see the examples below for calculating vehicle importation costs.

Price: $100,000.00
Freight cost: $4,000.00
Customs value: $104,000.00
Import duty
40% of customs value:
+ Environmental Levy
(1% of customs value):
+ Customs service charge
(3% of customs value):
Excise Tax: 28% of:
customs value ($104,000.00)
+ import duty ($45,760.00)
i.e. 28% of $149,760.00
VAT 15% of:
customs value ($104,000.00)
+ import duty ($45,760.00)
excise tax ($41,932.80)
i.e. 15% of $191,692.80
Total charges on importation: $116,446.72

Price: $10,000.00
Freight cost: $4,000.00
Customs value: $14,000.00
Import duty
40% of customs value:
+ Environmental Levy
+ Customs service charge
(3% of customs value):
Excise Tax: 28% of:
customs value ($14,000.00)
+ import duty ($9,020.00)
i.e. 28% of $23,020.00
VAT 15% of:
customs value ($14,000.00)
+ import duty ($9,020.00)
excise tax ($6,445.60)
.e. 15% of $29,465.60
Total charges on importation: $19,885.44





Cabrits Agencies
Bay Street, Portsmouth
Tel: 445-4291 | Fax:445-3119
Email: cabritsagencies@cwdom.dm

Beacon Insurance C/O Archipelago Limited
Leopold House, Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard
Tel: 448-5247 | Fax: 448-5338
Email: archipelago@cwdom.dm



Interior Design & Home Decor

Essential Designs
Sile Pinard Byrne
Bullys Gap, Goodwill
Tel: 614-7097
Email: essentialdesigns@gmail.com

L.A Dupigny & Co Ltd
Caribbean Style Home Furnishings
6 Long Lane
Tel: 448-2310 | Fax: 448-5905
Email: ladupigny@cwdom.dm



Is there bus service available?

Yes most of the villages have bus service.



Is there much crime in Dominica?

Dominica is regarded as one of the safest countries in the Caribbean. Sensible precautions should be taken as in any country and tourists should not visit isolated areas unaccompanied.




Jewellers International
Tel: 440-3319/448-3394 | Fax: 448-5338
Email: jewellers@archip.com




Desmonds Designs & Landscaping
Tel: 276-6774 or 612-9482



Masonry Products, Concrete Blocks & Aggregate and Sand

Rdr Inc.
Anse Cola, Colihaut Highway
Tel: 449-7700 | Fax: 449-7193
Email: rdrinc@cwdom.dm



Metric Conversions

Click here to convert sq. feet to sq. meters or acres to hectares!



Money Services

6 Cork Street
Tel: 440-0879 | Fax: 448-5338
Email: archipelago@cwdom.dm



Non-Profit Organisations

Humane Society of Dominica
Hodges Lane, Roseau
Tel: 440-4080
Web: www.hsdominica.org



Passport Application Information

Information on applying for a Dominican Passport can be found on the Government's website here.



Pest and Termite Control

Coco Bottom, Canefield
Tel: 449-0728 | Fax: 448-4113
Email: pesttech@cwdom.dm




Bulls Eye Pharmacy
Federation Drive, Goodwill
Tel: 449-8600
Fax: 449-8600
Email: bullseyepharmacy@gmail.com



Postal Code

The Postal Code for Dominica is 00152.



Purchase Requirements

Transfer Fees

Transfer fees payable by the purchaser are made up as follows:

· 4% stamp duty
· 2.5% judicial fees
· 1% assurance fund
· 3% legal fees
· The vendor has to pay 2.5% stamp duty

All Transfer fees are calculated on the market value of the land being sold.

If you receive land as a gift or at an undervalue the transfer fees are still calculated on the market value which is the higher of the purchase price and valuation.

If you are not an OECS Citizen

If you are not a citizen of one of the OECS States you will have to pay an additional 10% on the market Value of the land regardless of how little land you purchase if it is for residential purposes. This fee was recently removed if land is purchased for business purposes provided it is less than 3 acres.

In addition you will need to obtain an Alien Landholding License to own more that 1 acre of land for residential purposes or 3 acres for business purposes.

OECS States include:

  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Montserrat
  • St. Kitts & Nevis
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Vincent& The Grenadines

If you are a member of a CSME STATE

If you are a member of a CSME STATE (Caribbean Single Market Economy) unless you are also an OECS Citizen the Alien Land Holding Provisions apply to you when buying land and you will have to pay the additional 10% in Government Transfer Fees and apply for a License if you purchase above 1 acre for residential or 3 acres for business.

For these purposes land includes whatever is on the land.



Rehabilitation of Harlem Plaza

As printed in DOMNITJEN MAGAZINE - October, 2007

Surely you’re aware of Harlem Plaza, or perhaps you’re not 100% “au courant”. At least you’ve heard of Bobby Fredericks, an active community Rasta man, previously of Cocoa Cottages and briefly of Gingerette Estate, both of which properties blossomed under his Midas touch.

His current project involves a historic property at the Southeast corner of Newtown Savannah, a property that Bobby had his eye on from childhood. As a boy growing up on the other side of the park and playing soccer with his friend, he caught inside glimpses when he had to retrieve stray balls over the fence. When the disgruntled old proprietor yelled at the youths, Bobby dreamed of the day when he would be owner instead! Fate prevailed and Bobby got his chance after selling Gingerette, a riverside estate in Layou valley.

Starting with the purchase of the corner property in the late Spring of 2006, he started clearing out rooms and the courtyard to reveal a sound structure with solid elements of traditional Dominican architecture: hurricane shutters, jalousie windows, and interior fretwork to name a few. The multiple hipped roof that has withstood numerous hurricanes including David, was constructed with wooden pegs instead of nails and remains strong to this day. In the back, he discovered a horse stable with a huge slate stone tub and of course the typical outdoor kitchen.

While he was working on this property, the opportunity came to purchase the neighbouring residence and lot. As happens in the process of a project, things change, and in this case, Bobby’s plan expanded and he conceived of how the two properties could be integrated into a single larger venue while maintaining their individual characters. A stone wall dividing the two lots was removed to create a large open atrium and the material was reused in another project. A side verandah was removed to allow for a continuous terrace that connects the buildings above the entry space. Shutters that needed to be removed were relocated as a ‘façade’ backdrop to the stage, a nice touch.
Wood and natural materials were used as much as possible. Notice the funky bamboo light fixtures and use of palm fronds for thatched cladding. New spaces and detailing were all done with sensitivity and creativity; one need not aim for true restoration as a museum piece. Certainly additional toilets had to be added.

By December, the place was almost ready, an incredibly quick turnaround time for a business venture of this kind. Worth noting, is that by doubling the purchase price with renovations, the property value has likely more than quadrupled in this short time frame. ‘Rehabilitation’ really can be a very economical approach!
And so, Harlem Plaza was opened in time for the 2007 Calypso season. (Christening the venue Harlem Plaza is a nod to the community name that followed on from the 1972 local Harlem Festival referring to the New York Globetrotters.) This complex quickly became Roseau’s coolest live music venue, hosting large crowds for the “Mas Camp Calypso Tent” as well as smaller audiences for intimate shows and jam sessions including the popular ‘Thirsty Thursdays’. Some believe that the Mas Camp might have died off at other locations, and certainly the camp enjoyed its best year ever in their new home.

The sense of community renewal is strong along with a celebration of what Newtown has contributed to Dominica in the areas of sports and music. Newtown has had its far share of sportsmen, calypsonians (Spider, Jude, Tablet) and other cultural workers (Pat Aaron, Kiki). Harlem Plaza is also able to help community groups host fundraising events by offering low rates for such a large and multi-purpose space. Certainly jobs were created with this venture as well as a future outlet for arts & crafts. Currently, the two busts watching over the entry were created by the old sculptor from next door. 
By making these traditional buildings accessible and enjoyable to the public, Bobby’s vision and creativity may have launched a Renaissance of Newtown. As soon as he developed this property, the building next door was renovated and the old cars dumped on the property were moved.

So while Newtown nights have come to life for many, others find delight by the light of day when the lovingly restored Creole architecture shines gold and red in the morning sun.

> Click here for details about this property.



Renewable Energy

EMS (Energy Management Services)
PO Box 40 on Auto Trade grounds, Canefield
Tel: 255 6813
Web: www.emscaribbean.com




If you are coming from a Commonwealth country you are entitled to stay in Dominica for up to six months. Thereafter you will need a residence permit.

You will need to show that you are in good health, have sufficient funds to maintain yourself and your family and have no criminal record. You will also be required to state your reasons for wanting to settle here.

You will need the following:

  1. Application forms completed in duplicate from Ministry of Immigration an Labour, Government Headquarters Roseau.
  2. Birth Certificate.
  3. Two passport size photographs.
  4. Medical report including HIV report. This cannot predate the application by more than three months and must be on the specified form.
  5. A statement of financial position from a reputable banker.
  6. Two references including one from your employer.
  7. Marriage certificate.
  8. Proof that you have a return ticket to your normal place of residence.

If you need to apply for a work permit essentially you will need to show that you will not be taking a job from a local person - in other words you will need to show how you will be benefiting the country.

E.g will you be able to employ other persons; have you special skills.

A fee of EC$800 has to accompany the application for non-nationals.

If you are going into paid employment your prospective employer will have to advertise the job three times and show that there are no suitable applicants.

Residence is normally for a year at a time. It is possible thereafter to apply for permanent residence and citizenship in 5 years if you are from a Commonwealth country or 7 years in other cases.

For forms and further information contact:
The Ministry of Immigration and Labour,
Government Headquarters, Roseau, Dominica
Tel (767) 448 2401.

This is a general number so be prepared to wait.

For more information about applying for citizenship in Dominica, visit our Dominican Citizenship page.




Pioneer Academy
Takes children from kindergarten to grade 6.
Small caring private school where attention is paid to the development of the "whole child". Music, art and computer studies form an intergral part of the curriculum.

Orion Academy
Takes children from grade 6 to Form 5 when they would take their CXC exams. Children range from approx age 12-16. Small classes. Languages, music, and computer studies are offered as an integral part of the curriculum. Languages taught are French and Spanish.



Security Services/Employment Agency

Kings Garments
21 Steber Street, Pottersville
Tel: 440-6161
Mobile: 277-7178
Email: kingsgarments@hotmail.com
Web: www.kinngsgarment.ltd.com




Tropical Shipping
Goodwill Road, P.O. Box 21
Tel: 448-1744 | Fax: 448-7877
Email: tlafond@tropical.com




Gaetan Seaman
65 Kennedy Avenue, Roseau
Tel: 448-2542
Email: gseaman@cwdom.dm

Jeremiah David
Tel: 448-2625

Jerome Robinson
Tel: 448-2167



Tax Rates

Income Tax Rates

The Allowance for Resident Individuals is EC$25,000
$25,000 - $45,000 tax is 15%
$45,000 - $75,000 tax is 25%
Over $75,000 tax is 35%

Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax is 28%

Witholding Tax

If you purchase a property and you reside in Dominica for less than 6 months of the year you will be liable to pay withholding tax of 15% if you rent out the property and the money is paid to you outside of Dominica.

If you reside here for 6 months or more you may be liable to income tax and payment of Vat if registered for VAT on the income earned from the rental.

For information about paying taxes in Dominica visit Inland Revenue Division



Taxi Services

Rivers 24 hour mini cab service
66 Upper Lane, Roseau
Tel: 440-9484, 277-5114 or 614-4652
Email: riverspice2005@hotmail.com



What are the Events during Dominica's Carnival?

There are many events that take place in Dominica during the Carnival Season, such as Calypso competitions, the National Queen Show, the Princess Show, Kiddies Carnival and more.

Carnival Monday & Tuesday parades will be held on February 8th & 9th 2016.



What are the major towns?

Roseau is the capital city and Portsmouth on the North West coast is the second town.



What are the Public Holidays in Dominica?

2016 Public Holidays
Calendar Dates Day Holiday
January 1st Friday New Year's Day
February 8th Monday Carnival Monday (see Carnival Events Calendar)
February 9th Tuesday Carnival Tuesday
March 25th Friday Good Friday
March 28th Monday Easter Monday
May 2nd Monday Labour Day (May Day)
May 7th, 14th, 21st Saturdays Hike Fest
May 15th Sunday Jazz 'n Creole at Cabrits
May 16th Monday Whit Monday
August 1st Monday August Monday (Emancipation Day)
October 24th to 27th Monday to Thursday Creole in the Park
October 28th, 29th, 30th Friday, Saturday, Sunday World Creole Music Festival
November 3rd Thursday National Day - Independence Day
November 4th Friday National Day of Community Service
December 25th Sunday Christmas Day
December 26th Monday Boxing Day



What currency is used in Dominica?

The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$2.67 = US$1.00), however US dollars are accepted at most business outlets and shops. US Dollars can be changed into local currency at any of the banks or Exchange Bureaus.



What does Dominica look like?

Dominica is very mountainous with sparkling waterfalls, 365 rivers and rain forests. It is a popular destination for American and European tourists, particularly those interested in diving and eco tourism. It also has the world's second largest boiling lake. · The island is volcanic and therefore most of the beaches have black sand. There are a few white sandy beaches in the North of the Island. · Dominica is widely acknowledged to be both the best dive destination and prime whale watching island in the Caribbean.



What if I have a question that was not answered on this page?

If you want to know more about Dominica please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.



What if I want to build my own house - how much will it cost?

If you are building a concrete house (which is the most common in Dominica ) the cost will very much depend on the quality of the finish you require and where the property is located as transportation costs of materials from Roseau can be quite high. Building costs for a good finish are at the present time between EC$180 - EC$200 a sq ft. It could be cheaper if your home is built of wood or if you are prepared to undertake a lot of the work yourself.



What if I want to live in Dominica for a year?

You will have to apply for a residency permit, otherwise you are allowed to stay for a month at a time and would have to obtain extension. If you are coming from a Commonwealth Country, you are entitled to stay for 6 months at a time. Read more details about Residency here.



What is Dominica's Zip Code?

Dominica's zip code is 00152



What is the population of Dominica?

The approximate population of Dominica is 71,293 as of last census conducted in May, 2011.



What type of climate does Dominica have?

The average daytime temperature ranges from 75-85 degrees, with cooler temperature in the mountains. The nighttime temperature is generally in the low 70s. The rainy season is from July to October and the dry season from February to May. The hurricane season is from June to November.



What type of government does Dominica have?

Dominica has a democratically elected government. Election in December 2014 returned the ruling DLP to a fourth term in office.



What's the Health Care system?

Dominica has a basic health care system . The main Hospital is the Princess Margaret Hospital in Goodwill, Roseau. Most of the larger villages have a heath centre. If you are a non-national you will receive medical care at the hospital. Fees are 4 times what a citizen would pay. The price depends on the type of x-ray and the age range. Doctors fees are based on the specialty of doctor



Where can I stay in Dominica?

There are many small hotels and guesthouses available to rent. In Roseau the main hotel which is frequented by business people and tourists is the Fort Young Hotel. More places to stay in Dominica



Where is Dominica?

The Commonwealth of Dominica, also known as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, is located in the Eastern Caribbean, between the French Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Ferry service is available between Dominica Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Lucia.



Which countries does Dominica have a tax exchange Treaty with?

Dominica has signed Tax Information Exchange Agreements with the following countries:

Australia Denmark Greenland
Belgium Finland Faroe Islands
United Kingdom Iceland United States
New Zealand Norway Canada
The Netherland Sweden Germany



Will I be able to buy the things that I am used to in the States or Europe?

Many food items from the States and Europe are available in the supermarkets. It is possible to source most items.



Will my Pension be taxed in Dominica ?

Dominica is particularly attractive to retirees because if your Pension is paid from another country you will not be taxed on that pension in Dominica .




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